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Online Platforms and Popular Technologies 2020

Online Platforms and Popular Technologies 2020

Legal and Regulatory Responses to Technology Challenges

In Octobre 2020, I participated to this online event organised by the Practicing Law Institute PLI. I participated, along with EU and US experts, on the first panel on E.U. Developments in Platform Regulation.

The material remains available on demand until Octobre 2021.

I focused on Chapitre V, Lawful data transfer and the Schrems-II European Court of Justice decision in July 2020.

During the day, various speakers develop other aspects of online platforms:

  • Learn about the geopolitical and industry rivalries and debates about platforms and popular technologies
  • Hear about the implications of Brexit for platform regulations
  • Understand how the pandemic has affected, and will profoundly affect, issues relating to privacy, surveillance, AI and algorithms, and other topics
  • Gain insight into the politicization of social media platforms and communication technologies
  • Find connections among seemingly disparate topics of hate speech, copyright, and “fake news” through the lens of “content moderation”
  • Benefit from perspectives of seasoned in-house counsel, advisors, and litigators