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Drones, Autonomus Cars, Ethics and Regulation

Drones, Autonomus Cars, Ethics and Regulation

We have recently looking at Artificial Intelligence, after Police wearable camerasPolice 3D Printing a digital fingerPolice killing robots, here comes a look at drones and ‘driveless’or ‘autonomus’ carsGoogle initiated the path, Telsa has been in the news for a recent accident. ‘Security robot accidentally attacks child’. Finally, but not the last incident to report, a ‘Robot vacuum cleaner ‘attacks’ South Korea housewife’s hair’. All incidents that raise questions: what regulation and what ethics? Should a driver car put the driver’s safety first or the road safety?

Sadly, there is no easy answer. Widely helped by Al Macintyre who has been collecting resources on these subjects. Thanks to the collaborative tool Pearltrees, here are more material for whoever interested on these subjects.

Jules Polonetsky from the Future of Privacy Forum has been active.

‘ in response to the Administration’s call-to-action on privacy protections related to drone operations, Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)Intel, and PrecisionHawk released Drones and Privacy by Design: Embedding Privacy Enhancing Technology in Unmanned Aircraft. The report highlights examples of privacy enhancing technologies and “Privacy-by-Design” applied to drones.

“Drones and Privacy by Design describes techniques that can be used to safeguard privacy and support responsible data practices, including practices described in the May 2016 stakeholder-drafted Voluntary Best Practices for UAS Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability.  “The best practices were developed through hard-won consensus within the drone community,” said John Verdi, FPF’s Vice President of Policy. “They articulate important principles that should guide drone operators’ data practices, and today’s report describes practical safeguards that can help operators implement those principles.”

 One scholar has long been studying the legal and ethical issues, Ryan Calo. I have collected most of his work, papers, interviews and videos.

All to be found here. Drones and Driveless cars with elements of regulations in most western countries.

 A good read in The Economist : ‘ Drones and privacy. A looming threat’.

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