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Keeping an eye

Keeping an eye

I’m using Pearltrees to curate, organise and share web resources. It’s one of the most convenient and productive social bookmarking tools available. All it needs is an index where to find the list of entries. It has allowed me to keep an eye and collect from various source of information.

Here is a curation of web sources and articles around the issue of data collection.

There is a strong interconnection between Artificial intelligence, Robotics, algorithm, Internet of ThingsDronesSmartphones, computers and other communication devices. They all have in common there capabilities to store data. Therefore, they need to comply with data protection regulation. Although these companies and their activities are global, data protection regulations are variable. in EU, we are trough a stronger protection with increase of fines with the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. We need to think on how technology can offer innovation without too much

At othertimes, the surveillance is the act of governments, more or less democratic. UK is well known for spread CCTV camera surveillanceUS TSA body scanners have made made privacy advocate unease with the new intrusive measures. [Would you like a webcam in your bedrooms and bathrooms broadcasting live]

These are only few of the subjects I have been following. Here around Drone, AI, Robotics and LawIdigital is a curation around anything digital, IP or IT with connected legal and ethical challenges. Here is my initial curation on anything IP/IT, Social media, Democracy, and online learning.

You can double-click on each picture- originally they were pearl shaped- to expand branches and access the web links or Pdf documents.

I keep them updated. they can be shared via email or social media. If you had any subject you would like to monitor, please contact me.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.