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WOMEN IN CYBER! Brexit no Deal

WOMEN IN CYBER! Brexit no Deal

Cybertalks publish WOMEN IN CYBER! Here is a sneak preview of 5 amazing women that are experts in cybersecurity speaking out about the importance of women in the cyber industry! Jane FranklandASLI YILDIZ, LLMErica Stanford including Tara TAUBMAN-BASSIRIAN LLM. 

Tara is interviewed about Brexit and the UK data Protection.

The UK Information commissionner has drafted a guidance Data protection if there’s no Brexit deal

From the EDPB Information note on data transfers under the GDPR in the
event of a no-deal Brexit, 
Adopted on 12 February 2019

From the French Data Protection Authority, the CNIL : Règlement européen : Brexit (“British Exit”), quelles conséquences sur l’application du règlement européen au Royaume-Uni ?

The main point is with a no deal Brexit, UK becomes a country of non adequate data protection. Data could still be exported from the UK to the EU, however, import of data from the EU to the UK will have to be protected in case by case, with Standard Contractual Clauses to be approved, a lengthy process. Binding Corporate Rules are less common.

What happens when data is being processed “on behalf of” the UK (or non-EU) controller Art 44 GDPR? There is no set of Clauses which deal with processor to controller transfers. Additionally, organisations regularly trading with EU will have to appoint a representative in the EU country where they have the most activity. Non EU organisations who had adopted UK as a country of their representation will have to define a new representative within the EU. This is not going to be the only complexity of dealing with the Brexit with no deal. Is your organisation ready for the jump?