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Enforcement Highlights From the GDPR’s Fourth Year.

PrivSec Focus: GDPR Five Years On

25th May 2023

A Global Livestream Experience Live on May 25th at 10:00am BST + available on-demand.

Five years on from the coming into effect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s time to take stock: Has the GDPR truly improved data protection? How have organisations implemented the law’s requirements? And what questions remain unanswered after nearly half a decade of GDPR?

Data protection authorities have made some notable and significant enforcement judgements since May 2022.

The Irish Data Protection Commission has imposed multiple highly consequential decisions on big tech firms, and the UK’s Information Commissioner has set out a new enforcement strategy. Meanwhile, France has continued to hit international companies with multi-million euro cookie fines.

In this session, our panel will explore the most significant enforcement actions since the GDPR’s last birthday and consider their impact on all organisations.

Our panelists include:
(Host) Peter Molduano, Information Management & Governance Lead, Leeds City Council
Karlo Paljug, Security Specialist
Rosana Lemut Strle, Attorney at Law
Tara TAUBMAN-BASSIRIAN LL.M, Consultant Jurist IT and IP, Datarainbow